Brittany & Nick Had a Blast ‘Rocking’ the Dress (and Why You Should, Too!)

A Spin on the Traditional ‘Trash The Dress’ Photoshoot


Brittany and Nick are truly a one-of-a-kind couple… just ask their friends! This fun and outgoing duo met through mutual friends, where they became close confidants.

When asked how they fell in love, Brittany said “it took us a long time to admit we were in love with each other…patience and never leaving each other’s side through the good and bad in friendship led us to admit we were in love”. After seeing that they could take on whatever came their way, their true love was inevitable.

Their proposal took place in a shop that Nick had just recently built, and both families were in attendance to see Nick pop the question! Brittany said it was perfect for the two of them!

Brittany mentioned how grateful she is when it comes to how accepting Nick is. She said he loves her for who she is and loves her daughter just as much! Brittany also said that Nick is an extremely hard worker and loves to provide for his family!


When Brittany reached out to me about a “Rock The Dress” photography session, I could see how excited she was to take a different approach to show off her wedding dress and show off her playful and loving relationship with her new husband.

I had asked Brittany if she could describe her perfect day with Nick. Brittany said “a day on the beach, just him and I.” We immediately knew the beach would be a great location to set up her “Rock The Dress” session.

Most brides spend a lot of time and money choosing that perfect gown, but what do you do once your big day is over? “Rocking The Dress” could be the perfect option for you! The traditional “Trash The Dress”  or as we like to call it “Rock The Dress” takes place sometime after the wedding.

Fun Fact! …Originally a superstition, the bride “destroyed” her dress making it unwearable and warding off the possibility of having to wear it again. However, some brides choose to view “Rocking The Dress”  in a more rebellious way, breaking the mold of what a “traditional” bridal portrait is.  It’s a fun and creative way to show off your wedding dress that would probably sit in the back of your closet (or your basement) for years!

A “Rock The Dress” session is a great way for the couple to spend extra time together taking photos outside of their wedding day. As newlyweds know, and our soon-to-be newlyweds will find out, your wedding day can be stressful and put pressure on you to take perfect photos. Within the “Rock The Dress” photo shoot, you are encouraged to let loose, have fun and ENJOY! You are able to let your true personality shine. Bring a bottle of your favorite champagne, have your husband wear something more casual (which we know he will be thankful for), or bring your pet to take part with you both!

Because a “Rock The Dress” session is not your typical photo shoot, the locations do not have to be typical either. In fact, the more out of the box, the better. From playing in the waves at the beach, making a mess on a muddy road, to splashing in puddles on a rainy day, to throwing paint at one another, the options are endless!

Brittany and Nick brought along Brittany’s Maid of Honor, who snuck into a few photos with Brittany to add to the fun!

We were so lucky to have this amazing couple choose our company to take these pictures that they will cherish forever. These are memories they will never forget!

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We recommend a “Rock The Dress” photo shoot at sunrise or sunset in the summer months.

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Photos were taken at Woodlawn Beach State Park in Blasdell, NY