Another Beautiful Wedding | Avanti Mansion

Victoria and Brandon’s stunning Avanti Mansion Wedding in Buffalo, NY


When it comes to Victoria and Brandon’s story, it started out thanks to the love of family!

We asked the bride and groom to tell us how they met. Victoria said “I met Brandon through my best friend Amanda at the time. Brandon was her younger brother and I met him when I slept over Amanda’s house one night. We sat around and played board games and that was the beginning of us! I knew I was in love with Brandon after returning from a weekend getaway at my aunt’s cottage. He told me he loved me on the front steps of my parent’s house. The feelings were mutual!”  Brandon said “Victoria was good friends with my sister, Amanda. Victoria used to come over to our house when we were in high school to hang out with my sister. I was immediately attracted to Victoria.”

“Eventually, I was given the opportunity to go bowling with my sister, her now husband, and Victoria. I could not pass up the chance to go with them. At bowling, Victoria and I bonded and had an instant connection. Throughout the next summer, Victoria and I spent a lot of time together which aided me in falling in love with a beautiful woman.”

Your wedding day can be a whirlwind, and we always tell our brides and grooms to take a moment and take everything in. Appreciate all of your hard work that went into the planning process and ENJOY EACH OTHER!

We asked Victoria what she wants to remember on her wedding day. She said “Moments! Saying ‘I do’ and walking down the aisle as husband and wife. Being announced as husband and wife as we walk into the reception. Dancing with my father. Waking up the next day with my husband!” Brandon said “I want to remember our friends and family laughing and having a good time celebrating our love. I also want to remember Victoria walking towards me down the aisle ready to give the rest of her life to our relationship. Remembering her speaking every word of her vows and seeing how much she means them when I’m looking into her eyes.”

When we asked Victoria and Brandon “How would you describe your perfect day together?” both answers were pretty spot on! Victoria said “Waking up and enjoying breakfast together. Brandon makes some good pancakes! Then going frolfing [frisbee golf], grabbing Dunkin’ Donuts coffees, and running MY miscellaneous errands. Then grabbing a pizza for dinner and Redbox. Coming home and sitting in front of the tv and relaxing!”

Brandon said “Waking up with birds chirping. Giving her a good morning kiss and cuddling her in bed for a few minutes. Going downstairs to make our morning coffee and watching tv until we are fully awake and ready to conquer the day. Going frolfing and packing a picnic lunch. Returning home to be able to relax and cook a meal or grab a pizza to spend time together. Although, any day without department store returns would be a good day.” (It seems like Brandon spends a lot of days running around to different stores with his new wife 😉 )

Victoria was full of excitement to write down exactly how her engagement day went. “It was just like any other day. Brandon and I went for a drink with a friend at Bar Louie and we were to then return to his dads to spend the night playing board games. As we walked into his dad’s backyard I saw my sister from NYC standing amongst others who after second glance was my family and Brandon’s family. Each pair was holding a white sign which shortly after seeing them all, were turned around and revealed: “will you marry me.” I looked at Brandon who was now down on one knee. I immediately burst into tears and couldn’t stop laughing. After a minute of laughter, I said yes!”


The love between the two newlyweds is something you cannot miss! Victoria told us the top three things she loves about Brandon are: “How hard-working and determined he is to succeed, his playfulness and his little gestures of affection- from grabbing my hand to forehead kisses.” Brandon gave us his top three favorite things about Victoria. He said “Her caring and loving nature, the way she can make me smile and laugh, the way she is always there for me in times of need and struggle.”


The couple also knows about each other’s hidden talents! Victoria told us that Brandon can “touch his nose with his tongue and sing country like he’s a boss.” Brandon let us know that Victoria can “DIY anything!”  They also told us that if they could eat one thing for the rest of their lives, it would be “pizza!”

The father/daughter dance was absolutely precious! Victoria and her father performed a square dance routine!


Both Victoria and Brandon enjoy traveling and being outdoors. The two have traveled many places together including Cancun, Punta Cana, Allegany State Park, Cedar Point, Indiana and New York City!

We absolutely loved joining these two at their wedding and being able to photograph their special day!

Location: Avanti Mansion

Photography: Heather Bellini Photography

Photographers: Heather Bellini & Amber Partisano

Dress: Bliss Bridal

Tuxedos: Tuxedo Junction

Cake: Dessert Deli

Hair and Makeup: Elle Aire

Photobooth: Toy Bros. Entertainment

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