Professional Headshot Photography

You Only Get One Chance…

It takes less than a second for a person to create an opinion of you based on your headshot. The photo below is of me.

Do you think I might be Friendly?… Fun…Like-able? Maybe you feel that you can relate to me… maybe you don’t.


A professional headshot plays one of the most vital roles in the overall scheme of marketing for a business professional.  A good headshot will help you attract your ideal client.

It will be the image from which people form an impression of you before they get a chance to meet you in person.

Far more people will see your photo than will ever actually meet you; they might refer you to family or friends based entirely on their perceived comfort level with you, and that can weigh heavily on your headshot.

Where will you use your headshot?…On your website, Ad campaigns, LinkedIn, Email signature? No matter what your role is as a professional, you will be judged based on your look.

Professional Headshot-Sample

Choosing the Right Photographer

A lot of thought should go into not only choosing the right photograph but also choosing the right photographer

During your Professional Headshot Photography Session, I will ask you to smile, be serious, and will capture you from different angles. If I feel that you need to loosen up then I might even tell you a bad joke!

Why did Adele cross the road? So she could say “Hello” from the other side.

I digress…

So the question is this: How do you want to come across to your potential client or future employer?

Below are some of the companies that I have provided professional headshot photography for.

Corporate Headshot Client Logos

Key components to a successful headshot

1. No eye obstruction

Whether it’s glasses or some other object, the conclusion is clear that when your eyes are blocked in any fashion, likability suffers dramatically.

If you wear glasses, make sure they are clear and that the frame does not take away from your eyes.  You will want your glasses to add to your overall look.

2. Slight eye squinting

Simply put, a slight squint of your eyes – even if it happens when you smile (aka smizing) conveys comfort and confidence. Wide-open eyes (deer in the headlights) give off a sense of fear. You benefit all around with a slight squint. You are fierce!

3. Smile with teeth

Smiling, especially with your teeth showing, will go a long way.  A closed-mouth smile tends to have about half the effect on likability. I am happy to digitally whiten teeth if requested.

4. Dress nice

Tie, jacket, simple necklace… you get the idea.

If you don’t want to wear a tie or a jacket then that is okay… do your best to be fashion forward and it’s a win all around.

5. Be true to real life

Keep your photo up to date.

An out-of-date photo is misleading.  Age can show experience. Shaved facial hair, new hair style, etc.? Get some new headshots done.

6. Clarity

A blurry photo or underexposed photo is just bad… Period.

7. Generous light

Finally, ensure your face is well-lit and does not contain an abundance of shadows. For a professional headshot, dramatic lighting is not recommended.

Are you ready for your close-up!? Give me a call to set up a shoot at 716-909-5541 or email me at [email protected]