USA National MissNY PA Ohio Pageant Photography

It’s the Finals in Daytona Beach for the USA National Miss Pageant! It has been such a fun year as the photographer with USA National Miss NY, PA and Ohio! I cant believe that the state pageants have come and gone and the girls are now competing for the National Title! Brian has been a great assistant photographer and we have made such great friends with Kathy, Katie, Tammy & Carrie and all the girls including the moms and the judges and everyone else involved. I cannot say enough good things about this pageant system. People say “You are a Pageant Photographer?…Like on TV and in the news?”  YES actually! USA National Miss was featured on MTV’s Made

And you know what else? These girls work hard.   They represent USA National Miss all year round. They are in parades and do charity work.

The ladies in Pennsylvania and Ohio are just as welcoming as the ladies in New York and the Director Kathy has the biggest heart of any woman I’ve ever met.

Being a part of this group of ladies has changed my life and I would say that everyone involved has been touched somehow by the organization. If you know any girls that could use a boost of confidence or want to make new friends, I encourage you to contact Kathy. The difference in these girls after one year unbelievable.

Here is a recap of the past year.  It is a collage of photos of all the fun things the girls have done together. Thanks so much Brian for being on this journey with me and usually being the only guy in the room (baby Josephine absolutely love him)!