Pushing the Boundaries of Light Painting Photography

With wedding season winding down, Brian and I were on the hunt for a fun new winter project. We share a love for light painting (odd thing to have in common but I digress) and found the perfect outlet. What a better way to spend a chilly fall night then painting with light in our backyard! I can’t imagine what the neighbors were thinking…

Light Painting

Light Painting photography is an art.

We were very excited that we were able to create some amazing images.

Below are just some of the things we can do!

Fire! Fire!

Check me out trying to look all cool

ANYTHING can be painted with light!

Painting my business card into the scene was pretty cool!

Interested in booking a light painting shoot? Email me at [email protected] or call 716-909-5541

The possibilities are endless…. Wedding Photography, Nightclub Photography, Commercial Photography etc.  Stay tuned for more!