Simple Advice from Your Wedding Photographer

As a bride, you will ultimately be given PLENTY of advice.  Here are some things from my perspective, as a wedding photographer, that you might not have thought about in advance.

  1. Wedding dresses are VERY hot.    If you choose to wear a sheath dress that is very simple and you aren’t wearing any constricting undergarments like Spanx, pantyhose, a slip or a corset feel free to skip to #2. Stunning wedding dresses are often supported by layers of crinoline, taffeta, silk, beading, embroidery, lace, and Swarovski crystals.  All this beauty can create a well insulated dress that retains a lot of body heat.  As much as it’s not talked about, packing all that heat can lead to excessive sweating between your legs which can lead to painful chaffing.  Here is my best advice… cover your inner thighs with a light coating of baby powder of better yet try Fresh Breasts…. I kid you not, this is the best invention and I ALWAYS have a tube of it in my camera bag. The truth is that I learned about it from a fellow wedding photographer!   For the groom, you guessed it…. Fresh Balls. On super hot days, you might also consider having a small fan placed under your table in front of where you will be sitting.  If the linens are long, no one will be able to see it.Wedding Day Tips for the bride
  2. Stay Hydrated.  This goes hand in hand with “wedding dresses are hot”.   I have seen many brides that are so busy that they simply forget to drink water.  The lack of drinking water in combination with alcohol can quickly lead to finding yourself extremely dehydrated.  Be sure to use the restroom right before you put on your dress.  Ask your servers to keep your glass full of water, and ask members of your bridal party to bring you water when they can.Tips for the bride
  3. Talk to your Wedding Photographer when creating your Wedding Day TimelineTiming is very important. You will want to allow for the appropriate amount of time for Getting Ready, Ceremony, Family Portraits etc.
  4. Use your Phone to Videotape your dress being bustled. Have your maid of honor or mom go with you to the store to see how to bustle your dress and video tape how to do it.  Have this person practice getting you into the dress as well at the store.  Something that always comes in handy is a Crochet Hook. Also a must for my camera bag 😉Wedding dress
  5. Tell your photographer key information in advance.  It is best to discuss special family situations like divorces and mobility limitations before the wedding to avoid any awkwardness on your big day.
  6. Bring a bridal emergency kit with you.  You may not even need to use it, however you will be happy that you were prepared just in case.

    Wedding day tips

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  7. Have all your wedding details ready to be photographed in advance: While you are getting ready the photographer will want to take photographs of the rings, your jewelry, your invitations, your shoes, bouquets, and any other special items you are using that day.  Wedding Day details
  8. Look at each other during your ceremony, NOT your officiant: Simple advice… however couples look at the officiant instead of each other all the time likely due to nerves!Ceremony Tips Buffalo Wedding Photography

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Happy Planning! 🙂