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Perfecting Your LinkedIn Look with a Professional Headshot


Did you know that 2.34 Billion people worldwide use social media? (Buffalo has an estimated population of 261,000!) That means when you post a picture of yourself on the Internet, there is a good chance it will come up when someone Googles you! Although social media has a bad rap for sending you down the rabbit hole of stalking your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend or begrudgingly scrolling through all of the “food pics” your friends post daily, it can be a huge help when it comes to networking.

So, what is networking?

According to Dictionary.com, Networking is defined as “the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.”  The keyword in that definition is PROFESSIONAL.  Social media has taken on an important role in how we promote our professional abilities and many employers now use social media as a way to vet their potential employees. Because all social media pages require some type of profile photo or image, it’s basically your digital identity.  Therefore, when entering the professional world, you want to put your best foot, face, and photo forward.

Below I’ve listed some reasons why using Professional Headshot Photography will get you noticed!

1. FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE EVERYTHING – CHOOSE A PROFESSIONAL  Like it or not, your photo will be the first thing that pops up when your name, your LinkedIn page, your business profile or other social media accounts are searched for. It’s like a first impression before you even meet your potential boss, business partner(s) or connections! But why choose a professional to take that photo for you? A professional photographer will bring out the best in you. They will make sure to position you correctly, choose the proper backdrop and choose the correct lighting. Many photographers will also give you tips on what the best outfit to wear and they know how to help you loosen up and relax if you’re somewhat tense in front of the camera (most people are tense)!

  • Make sure you are also dressing the part. You want to feel comfortable in what your wearing! Try choosing a bold, solid color that compliments your skin tone, choose small patterns versus large ones and if you choose to wear jewelry, keep it simple!

2. SPEND THE MONEY  Investing in a professional headshot is investing in yourself as a brand! A professional headshot will take you exponentially further in the world of professionalism than your blurry selfie ever could! It will also make those who are looking at your social media platform or other marketing tools take you more seriously. Having a professional headshot taken shows that you mean BUSINESS and won’t cut any corners.  Although a headshot can be a considerable expenditure, it will undoubtedly be worth it! The potential benefits highly outweigh the initial cost – I promise you will be happy with your choice!

3. KEEP IT FRESH  Make sure you update your headshot! Don’t continue to use a headshot that was taken 10 years ago. Seeing someone who currently looks nothing like their headshot makes for an immediate disconnect. This also reflects your current age and abilities, and in the business world, age=wisdom=success! With the increasing technology and quality of today’s cameras, spotting out of date headshots is very easy, so make sure you don’t fall into that trap because you’re “comfortable” with your old headshot.

  • Clients want to do business with people, not companies. Make yourself recognizable!

4. BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE  Confidence is key. A great headshot will not only make you appear as a front running candidate but it will also help immensely with your self-confidence going into an interview or just simply putting your brand out there.  You will benefit from being well prepared long before you’re sitting in an interview setting, by being more at ease and less stressed! A professional headshot will immediately make you look good in front of recruiters or your future employer. They will see a strong, confident and approachable contender!

  • Find a photographer that makes YOU feel comfortable! Photography can sometimes feel a bit intimidating to some, so find a professional photographer that you feel good around. Email them or even call before you have your appointment!

5. BE RELEVANT Everyone knows the saying “move it or lose it”, and nothing could be truer. If you are not staying with the times, people will surely pass by your services to find someone who presents themselves and their business with new and updated features, including photography.  Social media isn’t for everyone, but you would be hardpressed to see someone in the business world who doesn’t use their platforms. If your business page or LinkedIn account doesn’t immediately scream “PROFESSIONAL”, people who are viewing it have already formed an opinion before meeting you face to face. This can also negatively skew the way people view the quality of the service you offer!

Places you may use your professional headshot:

  • Email Account and Signature
  • Your Professional Portfolio
  • Social Media Accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and Blog Pages
  • Social and Speaking Engagements
  • Professional Networking
  • Your Business Card
  • Marketing Materials

Professional headshots are EVERYWHERE and I cannot stress how much of a positive impact this can make for you and your business. An unprofessional headshot may deter potential organizations from reaching out to do business with you. Your resume might be a ringing endorsement full of all of your accomplishments and the addition of a great photo will make you even more relatable!

Now, I love a good selfie, but save those for your personal pages – you may want your close friends to see how many margaritas you drank on Spring Break 2008, but to your future clientele/co-workers/boss, you may be as forgettable as that night was!

All things considered, take the plunge. Trust a professional. Spend the money. Make an investment in yourself and your brand. By choosing to have a professional corporate headshot taken (AND USING IT) you will flourish in the world of information technology and social media profiles!

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FIND A REPUTABLE PHOTOGRAPHER Finding an experienced photographer is extremely important! Sure your friend who takes great Instagram pictures with a Valencia filter, but in the professional world, that just won’t cut it.  With the technology and quality that today’s cameras produce, a sub-par photograph sticks out like a sore thumb.  Look into some local photographers that have POSITIVE reviews. Better yet, Choose Heather Bellini Photography – Buffalo’s Best Headshot Photographer!