Summer Wedding Trends: What To Expect This Wedding Season


Before I even get started, here is my disclaimer: No one says you have to be “on trend” and who says you can’t have something that is “so last year”? Regardless of what is ‘on-trend’ it is ALWAYS important to be yourself and include the elements into your wedding day that you love as a couple…because no matter what, it is YOUR DAY so remember to do what ultimately makes you happy! <3

It doesn’t matter if you are attending a wedding or in the bridal party, there’s no doubt that summertime means it’s wedding season in Buffalo, NY. From the beautiful outdoor venue options to the warm weather, it is obvious why summer is the most popular season to get married. Whether you’re a guest at weddings this summer or preparing to plan your own wedding, here are a few wedding trends to expect to to see more of during the 2018 Wedding Season.

Bright and Bold Colors

A hot trend for weddings this summer is making a bold and bright statement with colors that are vibrant and eye catching. From colorful cocktails to radiant florals, expect to see fun and fascinating ways to incorporate color into weddings this year. When planning a summer wedding with a bright color palette, the trick is to stick to various shades of the same color that work well together (for example; think fuschia, magenta and raspberry). Top your cake in florals that are vibrant and give your centerpieces color accents that are dramatic and entertaining for guests. A more subtle way to give your wedding a pop of color is to give bridesmaids brightly colored bouquets of smaller flowers or have the guys wear lively and patterned socks for groomsmen. Say goodbye to pastels and neutrals and embrace summer’s energy with colors that are bright and bold.

Teal Bridesmaids Dresses with Bright Pink Flowers

Resurgence Brewery - Buffalo, NY - Wedding Party Train tracks - Buffalo Wedding Photography

Bridal Party in Bright Colors at The Historic Orchard Park Train Depot

Fun TMNT Socks!

Fun Food Receptions

Straying away from the typical cake and wine, wedding receptions are now being celebrated with food that is functional and fun. Wow your guests with DIY donut walls, popcorn bars and wedding drinks with signature names. Embracing the summertime vibes, receptions are incorporating a tropical taste with pineapples, coconuts and other fruits that make guests feel like they are on vacation. From build-your-own personal pizza to s’more bars, if you’re looking to keep your wedding reception unique, don’t be afraid to get creative. Give your guests an experience unlike any other and think outside the frosting of your wedding cake.

Hooray for Doughnut Holes on a stick!

Apple Cider Bar – perfect compliment to Doughnut Holes!

Mismatched Wedding Party Attire

A common trend with wedding parties is that they not everyone has to look identical to one another. This summer, bridesmaids are wearing dresses that differ in style but stick to a common color scheme or pattern. Groomsmen are also participating in this trend. Through offering different tuxedo and suit accessories, companies like The Black Tux make is easy for groomsmen to personalize their tuxedo and suit rentals. For your wedding this summer, let your wedding party pick out their own style of attire. This will make your bridesmaids and groomsmen feel like they are part of the wedding planning experience. On the other hand, if you’re looking for more of a cohesive look for your wedding attire, dress bridesmaids in the same dress but have them carry bouquets of different flowers down the wedding aisle. No matter if the differences are subtle or noticeable, let your wedding party contribute to the unique style and look of your wedding day.

Lovely Shades of Purple & Plum!

Pretty Mismatched Gold and Blush

Practical Wedding Favors for Guests

Before sending out your thank you cards, think about thanking your guests with personalized wedding favors at your reception. This season, wedding favors will be fun, unique and practical. From beach totes to theme-matching wine stoppers, wedding favors for guests are now a fun and creative way to thank guests for being a part of your special day. If you want to add even more of a personalized touch, consider creating homemade wedding favors your guests will love. A thoughtful favor will make your guests feel extra special to have been a part of your day!

Showing Pittsburgh Pride in Buffalo!

What could be more practical than cookies & beer? 😉

Nontraditional Venue Options

To give your guests an experience they will remember, embrace the outdoors and think outside of the traditional church venue. For a wedding theme that is rustic and charming, imagine celebrating your wedding in the countryside with nature as a beautiful backdrop, and let the landscapes surrounding your venue enhance the enchanting and romantic feeling of your special day. For weddings that are more elegant and sophisticated, consider hosting your ceremony at a castle or winery. Although having your wedding outside for the summer might sound ideal, make sure you always have a venue back-up-plan at risk of unplanned weather! To further enhance the beautiful scenery, utilize overhanging greenery, lanterns and reception tents to make sure your venue is well equipped for all of your expectations and guests needs.

Buffalo Botanical Gardens

With the endless possibilities for celebrating your special day, it is no surprise that summer weddings are as popular as they are. If you’re planning a summer wedding or attending one, take note of the fun and creative trends that make the wedding you’re attending unique. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the traditional wedding styles or themes and explore trends that you think would bring to life the vision you have for your special day!


**The Black Tux gave me the inspiration for this post- All opinions are my own**