Last Minute Wedding Tasks

Your Wedding Day is almost here! Despite your wedding date inching closer, there are some important details you need to cover before you walk down the aisle. Luckily, it’s nothing you can’t handle because by now you are a planning pro!

Cake tasting, wedding-dress fittings, flower meetings, and hair and makeup trials are filled with excitement! Don’t forget about the less-than-glamorous details that can’t be overlooked!


1. Make Your Music Playlist

Along with making a list of your favorite tunes for cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing, you should also come up with a list of songs you absolutely do not want to hear at any point throughout the night. Remember, these don’t have to be set lists of what to play when, but they give your DJ some guidance about what you love and what you don’t. The perfect time to decide on songs is during a road trip with your sweetie!. Pump the songs through the speakers and decide what you love the most!


2. Assign a Point Person

You don’t want to be swarmed while you’re prepping for your walk down the aisle, pick a bridesmaid, friend, planner — anyone! — who can field inquiries so you don’t feel overwhelmed. A maid of honor / man of honor is a great person for this job!


3. Prepare Tip Envelopes

You’ll want to thank your vendors for their awesome service after the reception, but whipping out your checkbook or handing out bundles of cash isn’t how you’ll want to start your first night as a married woman. Pre-stuff envelopes with the appropriate tip and hand them off to a planner or relative (or point person) who can do the honors at the end of the evening. Don’t forget to bring them with you to the reception!


4. Write a Note to Each other

Save some time to pen a sweet note to your groom and ask him to write one for you!  You’d be surprised by what a big difference this gesture can make in calming your nerves and your guy’s nerves. Don’t forget to bring it with you on the wedding day…if you do forget, then save them for brunch the next morning!

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5. Confirm Delivery Times

Most venues give couples an allotted time frame when the venue is specifically theirs. Make sure all deliveries, including rentals, flowers, and your cake, fall within the correct time and will be set up with room to spare. You don’t want your flowers arriving too late, especially if you want to have them for your photos.


6. Display Last Minute Decor

You spent time planning and executing that adorable hashtag sign, so make sure you get it out there. Whether you’re planning to set up the finishing touches, like favors, signage, or other small decor elements, or assigning the task to someone else, have the duty planned out ahead of time so you don’t miss anything.  If you have a wedding coordinator make sure they have everything prior to your day. 

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7. Finalize Your Getting-Ready Timeline

This means confirming arrival times or appointments with your hair and makeup artists, giving a schedule to your bridesmaids, and letting your photographer know when you’d like her to start shooting. With us, the timeline is completed far in advance however you will need to tweak it for moms, dads, bridesmaids & groomsmen. Being a wedding photographer, I like to work with my couples to plan out their most ideal timeline in advance so that we are on the same page from the beginning. 

8. Ask a Family Member to Bring Home Cards and Gifts

At the end of the night, you’ll need someone to gather up all of your gifts. Ask someone responsible to do the honors before the big day so nothing gets left behind. Don’t forget toasting glasses and a favor for you and your groom to keep as a memory.

9. Pack Day-Of Essentials

Avoid pre-rehearsal-dinner panic by packing up wedding-day essentials a few days early. This includes any makeup, hair products, shapewear, and accessories you’ll need. I promise that a little planning will add relief when the day arrives.


10. Take Time For You!

Get a pedicure or go to the spa with your mom and bridesmaids. Cherish a little quiet time!